Why Metaguise :-

  • ENGINEERING - Our products, developed in aluminium and its alloys are engineered to perfection; retaining an accuracy of upto 3 mm.
  • WARRANTY - Our products offer a standard 15 to 35 yr outdoor replacement warranty for surface finishes and alloy performance.
  • BUYBACK VALUE - The metals we work with viz copper, brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel are appreciating commodities and products built from these offer an assured buyback value (even as scrap) over a period of time.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - The life cycle of these metals is 50-200 yrs, hence assuring high sustainability and lowest carbon footprint in the long run.
  • CUSTOMIZED - Designed in autoCAD, the facades are uniquely customized for every building. In addition to the extensive variety of forms, we also build kinetic and 3D parametric structures.
  • ECO FRIENDLY - In collaboration with Decoral Italy, our products come in an astounding variety of VOC free surface finishes that include textures like wood, corten steel and concrete.
  • SAFETY - Our products uphold high safety standards, verified by certified testing for static load, wind resistance and joineries.
  • EXPERIENCE - For site installations, our trusty ex-military staff ensures Safety, quality, discipline and productivity.
  • IT ENABLED - We have an android/IOS app for a seamless buying experience and project management.
  • AFTER SALES - 24 hour After Sale Services in Delhi, NCR.
  • The Metaguise Experience Metaguise offers a seamless experience through a meticulous tech consult and delivers flawlessly crafted modular metal art and architecture.

The Metaguise engine runs on Trust, Transparency and Technical Expertise. We follow a thorough 47 step process to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients, with immaculate services and workmanship.


The Metaguise Exprience

  • Civil assessment at site

  • Consultation at site till completion

  • Drawings for the facade fittings on concrete, stone and other surfaces of the building

  • Turnkey installation

  • Tests for standard certification

  • 24 hour after sale services in Delhi/NCR


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